Play Bowls

At North Albury we offer a number of options to play bowls. We have organised Wednesday (Social) and Sunday (Men’s Jackpot) bowls – see the relevant website sections below.

We are involved and participate in NSW Pennant Bowls in Zone 8/Group A – Albury Sectional – see website section below for more details.

We can offer Barefoot Bowls – see website section below.

Throughout the year we also conduct a number of Club tournaments/events; these include Shag & Willo Memorial Trophy, Allen (Salty) Ross Memorial Triples Tournament, Lester & Son Trophy Day and an ANZAC Day tournament.


Wednesday Social Bowls

An organised social bowls competition is conducted on Wednesday mornings; 10:00am to 12 noon.


Entries/Bookings ARE ESSENTIAL and must be in by Tuesday night, contact the Secretary on 0400 102 503.

For the latest results see the “Bowls Results” section of the website.

Sunday Men’s Jackpot Bowls

An organised bowls competition is conducted on Sunday mornings between 10:00am and 12 noon.


Entries/Bookings ARE ESSENTIAL and must be in by Saturday night, contact the Secretary on 0400 102 503.

For the latest results see the “Bowls Results” section of the website. 

Pennant Bowls

We currently participate in the NSW Bowls pennant competition; see below for more details, with the competition commencing in January.


The North Albury Bowling Club (and Albury – it’s former name) has been an active and successful participant in district pennant dating back to 1922. In fact the Club was involved concurrently in three Bowling Association’s Pennant Competitions between 1946 and 1984.

The Club’s involvement in pennant first began in October 1922 with the forming of the Ovens and Murray Bowling Association. A pennant competition was immediately commenced, with Albury winning the inaugural year and subsequent next four years. For a full list of the Club’s successes in O&M see the “Achievements” section of the website in “About Us”. At the end of the 1983/84 season, Albury left the O&M and remained solely associated with NSW through the Albury and District Bowling Association (A&DBA).

In 1946 the Club became associated with two other bowls associations formed in the district; the A&DBA and the Border Bowling Association (BBA). The club enjoyed considerable success in the BBA – see the “Achievements” section of the website in “About Us”. The Club left the BBA at the end of the 1985/86 season, and the Association ‘folded’ in 1990.

The A&DBA was one of six ‘districts’ created in Zone 8 of Bowls NSW (there are 16 zones across NSW). Up until, and including the 2021 pennant season, clubs played pennant in their respective district in various grades with the top two teams in each grade at the completion of the season playing off to represent their ‘district’ at Zone. Winning Zone resulted in the winner progressing to State. The Club has enjoyed considerable success at District and moderate success at Zone – see the “Achievements” section of the website in “About Us”.

With the onset of ‘unification’ in NSW (the merging of the Men (Bowls NSW) and the Women (WBNSW)) in early-2022 there was no pennant played in NSW. As a consequence, the A&DBA recognised the need to have some form of organised bowls,  and proposed an interim competition – the Border Club Challenge (BCC). This was similar to pennant and consisted of 5 Divisions; NABC entered a team in each Division, with two being entered in Division 4. Some of the clubs, including NABC, included Ladies in their teams. At the conclusion of the season, NABC won Division 1, the two NABC teams played off for Division 4, and the Division 5 team went down to Walla Walla. For details of the BCC season refer to the “News” section of the website in the “Hopper Happenings” section.

Post Unification:

With ‘unification’ implemented at state-level and ‘districts’ eliminated, the administration and management reverted to each respective Zone and its appointed ‘Match Committee’. The new ‘Match Committee’ adapted the former pennant competition format slightly, replacing districts with sections. This resulted in the NABC playing in Group A – Albury Sectional, which had been slightly increased in participating clubs. The pennant competition was played (commenced 14 January 2023), however, there were no finals in each Grade with the exception of Grades 6 and 7, due to the number of clubs that participated. In Grades 3, 4 and 5, the team on top after completion of competition proceeded directly to Zone to play off for representative rights of Zone at State. In Grades 6 and 7, there was a playoff between the top two teams in each of the Sections, to determine who progressed to the Zone Finals. For a ‘wrap-up’ of the 2022/23 Pennant season see the “News” section of the website in “Hopper Happenings”.

The upcoming 2023/24 season is scheduled to commence on Saturday 13th January, and will follow a very similar format to last season. This season, NABC will be entering Teams in Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7. The Team with the highest points at the end of the season in Grades 4, 5 and 6 will automatically progress to the Zone Finals to play-off for the right to respresent Zone at State, whilst Grade 7 again this year will have two ‘sections’; the two section winners with the highest points after ‘sectional play’ will play each other to determine the right to qualify for Zone Finals. This year’s selectors are Beau Greenway (Grade 4), Roy Dahmes (Grade 5), Mick Baz (Grade 6) and Kevin Wild (Grade 7) – thanks Guys for volunteering.

For the latest Pennant results see the “Bowls Results” section of the website. 

Barefoot Bowls

(Updated: 31st August 2023)

At North Albury we can cater to organisation’s social clubs or groups* to provide a social event by way of ‘Barefoot Bowls’ – download the “flyer” for more information.

*Please note that because of Health and Safety considerations, children under 12 years of age are not permitted on the bowling greens at any time.

Bookings for this coming bowls’ season (start of October 2023 to end of March 2024) are now open!

For more information contact the Secretary on 0467 369 905 or download and complete the “Booking Form“.