The following are the latest results from the various Club events conducted or competition(s) that the Club has participated in.

Wednesday Social Bowls

(Wednesday 17th April 2024)

Winners: Kos Kleefman, Col Johnson & Dave Doolan

Runners-Up: Wayne Norden, Frank Guivarra, Peter Lyon & Mick Baz


Sunday Men’s Jackpot Bowls

(Sunday 14th April 2024)

Winners: Matt & Scott Hartley

Runners-Up: Titch Webb, Dallas Kotzur & Dave Limbrick


2024 Pennant – Zone 8/Group A (Albury Sectional)

(Round 10: Saturday 16th March 2024)

NOTE 1: this was the last week of Pennant

NOTE 2: for a “wrap-up” of the Pennant season please see the “2024 Pennant Wrap-up”  in the “News” section of this website in “Hopper Happenings”

Grade 4: (Note: didn’t get full results)

NABC vs Culcairn @ Culcairn

Team Dennis …..lost

Team Balloch …..lost

Team Rodgers …..lost

Overall result: …..NABC lost 49/72; 0 Pts/10 Pts

Ladder position after 10 Rds is 5th

Grade 5:

NABC vs The Rock @ The Rock

Team Broad …..won 22/13

Team Allen …..lost 14/26

Team Wegener …..lost 12/25

Overall result: …..NABC lost 48/64; 1 Pt/9 Pts

Ladder position after 10 Rds is 2nd

Grade 6:

NABC vs Rand @ NABC

Won on a forfeit

Team Baz …..

Team SN Ronan …..

Team Nelson …..

Overall result: …..NABC won 10 Pts/0 Pts

Ladder position after 10 Rds is 1st – Progress to Zone Play-offs at Temora on 27/28 April

Grade 7:

NABC vs Holbrook @ NABC

Team Wild …..lost 16/22

Team Elliott …..lost 12/25

Team Delaney …..won 25/19

Overall result: …..NABC lost 53/66; 1 Pt/9 Pts

Ladder position after 10 Rds is 3rd (in our Section – S1) & 5th overall on Gr 7 ladder (ie S1 & S2 combined)