The following are the latest results from the various Club events conducted or competition(s) that the Club has participated in.

Wednesday Social Bowls

(Wednesday 6th December 2023)

Winners: Alan Pantling & Bob Parks

Runners-Up: Kos Kleefman, Jenny Macdonald & Des Nelson


Sunday Men’s Jackpot Bowls

(Sunday 3rd December 2023)

Winners: Ralph Richards, Bobby Gough & Tim Kramer

Runners-Up: Alan Pantling & Dave Doolan


2023 Pennant – Zone 8/Group A (Albury Sectional)

(Saturday 1st April 2023 – Section Play-offs)

This week the Grade 6s and 7s travelled to Henty to play The Rock in both Grades for the right to advance to the Zone Play-offs in early-May.

Both Grades came up against a “red hot” Rock combination and only managed to get one Team winning their rink (Team Delaney in the 7s). The following are the results:

Grade 6:

NABC lost to The Rock

Team Baz lost 13/22

Team Jones lost 14/30

Team Ronan lost 15/27

Overall result: 42/79; 0 Pts/10 Pts

Grade 7:

NABC lost to The Rock

Team Nelson lost 7/34

Team Delaney won 20/19

Team Crawford lost 10/31

Overall result: 37/84; 1 Pt/9 Pts